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Public Speaking

Everyone needs to talk and this is usually with other people. Speaking is an important method for communicating knowledge and expressing ideas. It is a primary medium for presenting and selling products and ideas. Being able to verbally communicate effectively to other individuals or to groups is essential in school, business, as well as your personal life.
There is a need for people who can effectively make presentations and speak to others. Your knowledge and skills in this area can help advance your career or improve your business. Do you need to speak more clearly, louder, or with more confidence? This is something that everyone can learn and the better you are able to express yourself the more confidence you will have, resulting in added success in life.
At Spotlight-STUDIO we look at the voice and body as a whole and teach you to use universal body language intentionally, to combine this with a strong, confident usage of your voice, and to become a confident and convincing speaker. Jeder von uns muss reden und dies normalerweise mit anderen Menschen. Die Sprache ist eine wichtige Methode um unser Wissen zu kommunizieren und unsere Ideen auszudrücken. Es ist das primäre Medium für die Präsentation und den Verkauf von Produkten und Ideen. Die Fähigkeit, sich effektiv verbal zu verständigen ist essentiell für die Schule, den Beruf und auch für Ihr persönliches Leben.

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