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The very first Spotlight Choir concert took place at Christmas 2010 in the RieterWerke in Konstanz. Among other places they have performed Stockach, Radolfzell, Meersburg and many Locations in Konstanz. They have performed in both large and small venues; at weddings and benefits, joint concerts with other Vocal Artists (Kathy Kelly, Tess D. Smith and Ony Heckmann) In 2015 they performed their summer concert in the "Terracotta" in Konstanz. In 2016 there was a benefit concert with the renowned cellist Thomas Beckmann. Since 2014 they have had repeated performances at the “Kleine Konzert in the Lutheran Church” They are also involved in the Konstanz Choir Festival.

In 2018 they had two sold out performances in the Konstanz city theater with a James Bond revue and delighted the audience with a visual and audio spectacular. They worked together with the Da Capo salon orchestra, a rock band, artists, dancers.

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